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Ready to Hire? What Interview Questions Should You Be Asking?

You have been interviewing for years so of course you are an expert interviewer right?  Don’t be so confident.  If you’re still asking questions like, “What are your strengths and weaknesses,” you may not be getting to know your candidates as well as you think.  Because recent studies suggest that 46% of new hires fail within the first eighteen months on the job, hiring managers are placing more emphasis on properly screening job candidates during the interview process by asking more probing questions for which candidates are not generally prepared.

All the contributors from CEOs to journalists to HR Directors seem to have a different take on what constitutes the best interview questions so to make your life easier I have accumulated links to many of them here for your review.

“One interview question you should ask every candidate.”

This is not the only interview question you should ask mind you just one of dozens but zombie hordeevidently it is an important one.

“CEO says this ridiculous interview question tells you everything.” So just skip the formalities and jump right into asking your candidates, “What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?” Yep, that’s the question.  I’m betting your candidates won’t have a canned response to this one.

“This revealing question identifies a natural born leader.” If you want to know who might take your job one day you’d better ask this question.  All kidding aside not everyone is a leader and if this single question can truly identify who amongst your candidates are, then you may want to try it out.

“The One True Job Interview Question.” Forged in the fires of MountDoom this is the one job interview question to rule them all!  Well maybe not but this is a question that really should be asked in all job interviews that most probably don’t consider asking.

“The Most Important Interview Question Never Asked.”  I’m almost certain this one gets asked once in a while but give it a shot nonetheless.

“The Best Job Interview Question Ever!”  This evidently is not just an important or necessary question; this is the best one EVER!  As in since the dawn of the hiring process no question has topped this one.  I don’t think the zombies are going to like hearing this.

“The One Interview Question You Should Ask.” I think you’re seeing a trend developing here.  While we are trying to make the interview process more revealing, many professionals are suggesting they can solve the challenges of hiring with only one question.

“The Rock Star Test: 6 Interview Questions to Ask.”  I’m not really sure rock stars will fit in culturally at my company but at least this list has more than one question.

“The Trickiest Questions Apple will Ask in a Job Interview.”  You’d better read this before your next interview with Apple!  Ha, Ha, Ha, yeah like you’re one of the .5% smart enough to get a job interview with Apple!  Yet if you are a hiring manager you might want to consider asking these questions yourself.

“9 CEOs Share Their Favorite Interview Question.”  “How weird are you?” is one of the questions.  Be careful asking this question or you might get more than you bargained for. Seriously, I once video interviewed a candidate who showed up with no shirt on and, while I couldn’t be sure, probably no pants as well.

So if you’re looking for a more revealing interview process you’ve got a few questions here designed to unveil everything you want to know about your job candidates.  Along the way maybe you’ll even pick up a few tips on how to survive a horde of zombies.

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