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Success, It Ain’t All About Talent Baby!

Can a man who is 6’2” run a company more effectively than a man who is only 5’8”? Does aMore success physically fit man or even one with a deep voice command more respect and thereby have more ability to be a CEO?  Should an exceptionally attractive woman receive more opportunities than her less attractive counterparts?  Should you earn more money for every extra inch of height you have?

According to new research, tall men (6’2” or taller) disproportionately represent 30% of the Fortune 500 CEOs although they make up only 4% of the population. Furthermore men earn an additional 2.5% for every extra inch of height.  I wonder, are tall men really better shepherds or are sheep more apt to follow them because they are tall?

According to a WSJ report male CEOs with deeper voices earned on average $187,000 more and commanded companies with far greater assets. Does a link exist between deep voices and high cognitive ability or do deep voices simply command more subservience?

Lastly, companies who have CEOs that run marathons are valued 4%-10% higher than companies with less fit CEOs. Is there a direct correlation between CEO fitness and company success or is the high value we place on a company with a fit CEO based on false assumptions?

Recent data shows that women serving in hourly or service positions and who rank in the 90th percentile for attractiveness received on average five interview requests compared to women in the 10th percentile for attractiveness who received only one.  This bias exists regardless of the interviewer’s gender, meaning female employers were just as likely as male employers to more frequently bring in the attractive female candidate.  By the way, attractive male candidates received no more interviews than the unattractive ones.

What conclusions can we draw from this data? Obviously talent, as we already know but don’t like to admit, is not the sole reason why individuals are promoted or hired.  If past studies show that employees are more likely to follow a tall individual rather than one of average height than I suppose hiring a qualified tall person makes sense.

I don’t want to get off track pondering this idea. For now I will simply suggest to you that your hard work and talent will pay dividends but if you are also tall, fit and good looking then hey, you really got it made.  Sounding like Morgan Freeman won’t hurt either.

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