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What Matters Most To Your Team, Talent or Personality?

The argument continues over whether employers should hire for cultural fit or for skills.  Many say skills because hiring for cultural fit inevitably gives way to discrimination.  Others say hire for cultural fit because poor cultural fit leads to employee turnover and the high costs associated with it.  Lately I see more and more articles […]

How Confident Do You Want Your Job Candidates To Be?

When I look up antonyms for the word “confident” I don’t see too many positive adjectives.  Doubtful, afraid, cowardly, pessimistic, unsure, weak are all less than flattering descriptions of someone who possesses no confidence.  Naturally when hiring a C-Level executive you don’t want them to be “pessimistic” about the future.  When recruiting your next sales […]

Getting Hired: It is About Who You Are, Not What You Know.

Job candidates prior to an interview are often instructed with so many tips and tricks on how to nail a job interview that they wind themselves up so tight they can barely be themselves.  Articles on everything from how to dress, how to shake hands, the body language to use or not to use and […]