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Video Interviews Widen the Funnel for the Right Candidates

According to research by, recruiters are so inundated with applications they spend an average of only six seconds evaluating a job candidate’s resume before deciding their fate. The average person spends as little time reading the name and number on a plumber’s business card. While six seconds might be plenty of time to evaluate […]

The Catch-22 That’s Destroying the Hiring Process!

On the surface hiring should be simple.  An organization advertises a job, a group of qualified applicants apply for the job and from that pool the recruiter/hiring manager selects the best person for the position.  Maybe in the old days that’s how the process worked but not so much now.

How Do the Top Business Executives Hire?

Recently Linkedin ran a series titled, “How I Hire” in which more than 80 top executives, including a notable billionaire, shared their thoughts on what they look for when they hire. Below are a few notable excerpts, which I will summarize at the end. “Some managers get hung up on qualifications. I only look at […]

Hiring Managers: 6 Symptoms of Poor Interviewing Syndrome

Bad hires cost your company a truck load of money!  According to a recent Careerbuilder study, 41% of surveyed companies indicated that bad hires cost their organization more than $25K while an additional 24% claimed bad hires cost them more than $50K.  This is a serious issue especially if you are the hiring manager responsible […]