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5 Ways Fatherhood Brings Professional Success.

Men often enjoy higher wages than women for doing the same work but research shows that fathers make more than non-fathers and, no surprise, more than mothers.  Here are five reasons why dads are more successful. 1.       Research by Cornell found that employers favored fathers over non-fathers and over mothers in the hiring process.  Participants […]

Personality and Success: What Trait Leads You To The Top?

According to the volume of content on the blogs and news sites I frequent, becoming successful and a leader must be the two most sought after goals in humanity.  Every week I see the same content rehashed over and over.  “Seven way to be successful”, “Nine traits of a successful leader”, “Ten of the most successful […]

Success: Here’s All the Lists You Need On How to Obtain It.

Every week in my search for blog inspiration I run across similar themes over and over again such as lists on how to be a better leader.  Another go to subject about which bloggers write when they evidently can think of nothing else is a list about how to be successful.