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Will An Increase in Jobs Make Finding Talent More Difficult?

Careerbuilder’s Midyear U.S. Jobs forecast shows that employers will hire more full time, part-time and contract workers in the remaining six months of this year as compared to 2013. Sounds like good news for job seekers, but as a hiring manager consider that more open jobs means more competitors vying for top talent.  With so many global […]

Why So Hard to Find Talent? This Image Sums IT Up For You.

Look at the image above and really try to understand how broken the hiring process has become.  According to a 2013 survey by Manpower, 39% of employers in all industries were having trouble filling open positions.  The graph above explains why.  While positions are left open through selective “choosiness” do companies really consider the true cost […]

What the NBA Teaches Us About Acquiring and Training Top Talent

I have written and ranted much in the last six months about the alleged talent shortage in the U.S. workforce.  I partly blame companies for not investing the money to train their current employees.  You see, companies who complain about not being able to find talent are unwilling to spend the dollars to train their […]