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5 Employer Pain Points That Video Interviewing Addresses

Recruiters, HR Professionals and Hiring Managers are all involved in the hiring process but not all share the pains of the other.  Each faces challenges in their position the other does not fully understand or appreciate.  Video interviewing offers a one size fits all solution to handle the difficulties faced by those in the hiring […]

Video Interviewing: Let’s Get Technical

Blog posts preparing you for your video interview are popping up online more and more often now that the technology has gained greater acceptance among recruiters and hiring managers who wish to improve their hiring processes.  As a job candidate preparing for an interview, tips offered to improve the way you appear and sound are […]

Video Interviewing & The Disabled: Do You Need An Accommodation?

Last month I had the opportunity to sit on a panel with three lovely women at the National ILG conference in Washington D.C. to talk about video interviewing and the disabled.  Our session “Access, Accommodations & Video Interview” discussed best practices associated with video interviews to ensure inclusion and full compliance as it relates to […]

Video Interviewing: Will It Kill the Face to Face Interview?

Imagine a scenario where a recently graduated college student in search of employment begins applying here and there hoping to land a job interview.  After several months of no success, she decides to set up and complete an automated video interview and send it in to employers in whom she is interested.  A hiring manager […]

Video Interviewing for Business: How Does it Work?

You’ve probably heard all about video interviewing in the last few months and have maybe even researched the various benefits but logistically you still don’t understand exactly how it works?  Here’s what you need to know from the moment you or your recruiter find a good candidate. Most video interviewing vendors provide you with a […]

The Most Misguided Knock Against Video Interviewing.

Everyone who uses video interviewing does so because it can drastically reduce costs associated with hiring, speed up the hiring process and help managers make more informed decisions.  In short, video interviewing is more effective and efficient than traditional phone screening.  Aside from those late adopters so afraid of technology they still use rotary phones, […]

Who is Saying What about Video Interviewing?

You have heard me go on and on about Video Interviewing so maybe for a change you’d like to hear from some of your peers not trying to sell you anything.  The following candid quotes were provided by recruiters, search consultants and HR professionals who participated in our 2012 survey on video interviewing.  So as […]

Technology Doesn’t Discriminate, People Do!

I have spoken to numerous HR professionals at conferences about the benefits of video interviewing.  Most all get it, but as a few consider the implications of seeing a candidate on video before the face-to-face interview, a shadow of worry creeps across their face.  “Is video interviewing discriminatory?” they ask. Speaking facetiously, I don’t ever […]

Video Interviewing: Why Early Adopters are Cooler!

What is an early adopter?  An early adopter is one of the cool kids in school you always wanted to be who took risks in fashion and technology that set them apart or ahead of the herd.  Their choices while perhaps questionable at the time later became popular and mainstream.  An early adopter is the […]