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What is an Interview4?

An Interview4 is an online video interview, captured and recorded via webcam and microphone (usually your computer's built-in mic).

Interview4 comes in two formats: Virtual and Live.

A virtual Interview4 records your answers to questions that are presented on-screen in text format. The virtual format allows you to connect with hiring managers at your convenience and without the stress or scheduling hassles associated with first round interviews.

A live Interview4 is a two-way interview where you and the interviewer see each other via your webcams, and the interviewer conducts a normal interview.

Interview4 Benefits:

  • The interviews are structured - Each candidate applying for your position will be asked the same questions.
  • Streamlines the recruiting process - Since your interview is recorded, multiple managers can view and re-review your video. When you walk in for that face-to-face interview, you'll know that they are interested.
  • Show off - -You are no longer just a resume. This is your opportunity to show off your dynamic personality.
  • Your results are stored securely on our servers.

How do I get started?

When you are ready to interview, enter your permissions in the upper right corner as sent to you in your email invitation. Once you login, you will be taken to a Welcome page. There you will see the Interview4s for which you have been scheduled and you can start the interview process. You will be able to review interview tips, set up your webcam, microphone and speaker, and even try a practice question.