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A “Thank You” Gets More Done

Science has recently proven what most of us should already know, saying thank you motivates people. In an article on Compensation Cafe Derek Irvine explores a recent study on the value of a simple thank you.

The study had a fictional college student, Eric, ask 69 people for feedback and help on a cover letter.  Eric responded to half of the group with a thank you email, and the other half with a neutral email, think “I got your email”.  When asked for additional input 66% of people whom Eric had thanked provided additional assistance vs. 32% of people who got the neutral email.

Even more interesting, the study found that Eric’s gratitude had an effect on how participants felt about another fictional college student named Steven.  Even though Steven had no prior contact with the participants, those who had received gratitude from Eric were twice as likely to help Steven as those who had received a neutral response from Eric.

Now think about how this can effect your business. Are you showing gratitude to your employees and co-workers? Is gratitude part of your corporate culture? If your answer to either of these questions is not a resounding yes, maybe you should try something new today, maybe you should try saying “Thank You”.

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