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The two greatest recruiting challenges today!

Talent Technology recently surveyed 369 recruiters and HR professionals and asked them to rate their toughest recruiting challenges.  The top two challenges cited are finding good candidates and filling positions fast.

Finding good candidates is a problem?  Aren’t there boat loads of candidates looking for jobs these days?  Of course they aren’t all good, but they are out there so perhaps the problem isn’t that good candidates don’t exist but that HR professionals and recruiters don’t know how to attract them.  That’s right, you need to ATTRACT good candidates.  Good candidates already have good jobs and those who don’t are going to be patiently selective about where they park their talent.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you can’t throw up a bland job posting listing the minimum qualifications and numerous requirements for a job and expect good candidates to swoon.  That’s like telling your child on the way to the amusement park that the requirements for going will be to stand in line for long periods of time without complaining while the ability to endure excessive heat is a plus.  Can you see Disney marketing like that?  List the positive aspects of working for your organization and don’t be afraid to list the salary.  This will at least eliminate entry level people intimidated by the big salary or turn away people who feel that the salary is too low.  Tell the candidate why they should work for your company and be creative.  Using my amusement park example I would say, “You’ll get to ride thrilling coasters, eat cotton candy, and meet some interesting characters!”

There are plenty of good candidates in your funnel, the trick is to find the good candidates and filter out the bad ones quickly.  This brings us to the second greatest recruiting challenge, filling positions quickly.  Today it is not enough to just look at resumes, filter out the bad ones and then bring the good ones in for a face-to-face interview.  Even if you do a phone screen prior to the face-to-face, you really can’t gauge the energy level or how presentable the candidate is until they walk through your door.  Unfortunately three out of your five scheduled candidates who sit in front of you aren’t a good fit and you’ve just wasted a significant part of your day interviewing bad candidates.  Try a service that allows candidates to video interview themselves with their webcam.  Their responses are recorded on their time and schedule.  You are free to sit back and review at your convenience the recorded screens of at least five candidates in the time it takes you to interview one.  This way you can bring in not only your best candidates but you can do it much quicker.  A tool like this allows you to both identify the good candidates and to screen them quickly.

One more tip is to actively pursue passive candidates.  Passive candidates are often employed but would be open to entertaining an attractive offer (not a generic posting) if pitched to them.  A good place to find passive candidates is on LinkedIn.

Good luck.

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Ryder Cullison

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