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Video Interviewing: 2014 in Review

As 2014 winds to a close I want to review the notable events that occurred in the world of video interviewing.  The events below paint a picture of video interviewing’s growing popularity and increasing adoption in the hiring process.

More and more video interviewing providers have appeared.  Though many Word Cloud - video interviewlaunched prior to 2014, many in the past year have been more capable, partly due to funding, of announcing their presence.  Five years ago perhaps a half dozen players in the space could be identified.  Today, even with the increased number of vendors, the market has barely been tapped.  In 2015 more vendors may appear on the landscape while more established providers will continue to grow.

New studies were released on video interviewing.

According to the Aberdeen Group’s study, “Can You See Me Now? What Video Talent Acquisition Can Do For You”., companies using video interviewing reduced both their time to hire and cost per hire.  In Aberdeen’s words, “There’s clearly a dramatic return on investment when using any facet of video talent acquisition, so now it’s no longer a question if it’s worth the investment.”

I.O. Psychologist, Dr. Charles Allen Gorman, conducted the first research on determining the validity of web based video interviewing to provide valuable, job-related insights for employers who use video to screen job candidates.

Video interviewing was discussed at National conferences.

At the American Psychological Association’s annual conference in August the first ever research conducted to determine the validity of web-based video job interviewing was presented.  The research found that ratings of the applicant, applicant characteristics, and video interview responses all predicted job performance and associated work outcomes.

At the National Industry Liaison Conference Hire-Intelligence in coordination with Synchronized Resources Inc. presented “Access, Accommodations & Video Interviewing” on August 5th in Washington D.C.  The panel-facilitated discussion discussed the video interviewing process from beginning to end and focused on the issues of access and accommodation that must be factored into the equation.

Video Interviewing takes over at the HR Technology Conference. 

Nearly a dozen video interviewing vendors displayed their technology at the 2014 HR Technology Conference.  This show and video interviewing’s presence at it continues to rise.

More and more posts about video interviewing populate the web.  Here are a few.

These posts, all published within the last few months, validate the increasing awareness and inevitable adoption of video interviewing.

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Looking ahead to 2015, look for more and more video interviewing vendors to integrate with existing applicant tracking systems.  Vendors providing mobile interviewing applications will see an increased number of candidates, especially millennials, completing interviews on mobile devices such as phones and tablets.  Also additional research from firms such as the Aberdeen group and Hire-Intelligence will be released further validating the benefits and increased usage of video interviewing.

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