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XP is dead! Long live Windows 8 (and 7)

XP is dead, long live Windows 8 (and 7)!

Next month, in April 2014, Windows XP will reach its end of life.  This means no more security updates, no more bug fixes, and every malware writer on the planet will be watching updates of later versions of Windows to find exploits that won’t be patched in Windows XP.

At this point Windows XP is still installed and running on 30% of desktop computers worldwide. If your computer is one of those 30% please, pretty please, with sugar on top, upgrade your operating system.

I get it, you don’t want to use Windows 8, you want your start menu, you want things to work the way they always have.  Windows 7 upgrades are still available and Windows 7 behaves just like you expect it should.  If money is the issue, there are a few options there too.  If you are a student, you can usually get good discounts directly from the Microsoft Student Store. If you are a little adventurous and willing to learn something new, you can always try Linux.  I would recommend starting with something like Ubuntu Linux.

Why do I care?

I care, and you should too, because without security updates and hotfixes your computer will be a sitting duck.  You see, the code base for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 is built off of the code from Windows XP.  Every time a security problem is found in any modern version of Windows, there is a real likelihood that it will exists in every other modern version of Windows.  Microsoft engineers find the relevant code in each version and release updates to fix the issue.

Security researchers and malware writers can study the fixes to see what was changed and thereby figure out how they could have exploited the weakness in the system.  In a perfect world, everyone would be installing those security updates automatically, or at least in a timely manner so that it would be impossible to exploit the weaknesses.  Since this isn’t a perfect world, the bad guys will often times get a virus written before the problem is fixed.

Now the situation will be even worse.  There will be no updates for Windows XP to plug any of the security holes.  Even if you are one of those people who install updates immediately, there won’t be any XP updates to install.  Once your computer is infected it can be used to do all sorts of bad things.  First off, your data will be compromised.  Every transaction you make could potentially be inspected, logged and mined for financial data.  Most often, infected computers are used in tandem with other infected computers to perform some nefarious scheme. Of course your computer will also try to infect every other computer it has network contact with.

Internet Explorer 8

Along with Windows XP, Internet Explorer 8 is also reaching end of life, and all of the web developers around the world are breathing a collective sigh of relief.  IE8 was always difficult to deal with, it was the last IE version that didn’t support HTML5 Video, and it had some truly annoying quirks.  The good news for all of you IE fans is that we are all the way up to Internet Explorer 11 at this point.  If you are running Windows 7 or 8 you can upgrade to IE11 now.  If you are still running Windows Vista, then you are stuck with IE 9 which was still much better than IE 8.  You can also download an up to date modern web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome if you want to experience the latest and greatest HTML5 enabled technologies.

Interview4 New Features

I mentioned that I have been busy working behind the scenes.  Take a look at what we have been working on.

  • Hire-Intelligence Communication Test Suite(CTS) assessments are now available on the Interview4 portal
    • Reading, writing and listening assessments allow you to determine a job candidate’s communication skills before you bring them in for an interview. Combine the CTS assessments with a video interview and you get a 360 degree view of how your candidate communicates.  Please contact us to learn more, or if you’d like a demo.
    • All HTML5 Video Playback
      • All Virtual Interviews and Virtual Showcase Interviews are now using HTML5 playback.  That means you can watch from more locations and more devices than ever before. Recorded Live Interviews will soon be moved to all-HTML5 playback as well, giving you complete flexibility while reviewing video interviews.

Coming Soon

We have some really exciting features in development right now.  I can’t tell you everything we are working on, but I can tell you Live Panel Interviews are in active development right now.  With Live Panel Interviews you can have up to 6 people participating in an interview (5 interviewers and 1 candidate). Best of all, you can record the interview to review it later, or share the interview with a colleague who was unable to attend.

What Would You Like To See?

We want to know what you think! We recognize each organization is unique, each with its own processes, goals, and most importantly, ideas. We want to hear your ideas! What would make Interview4 easier/better/faster in your organization? You never know it might be the next feature we implement.

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Ryder has more than 10 years of experience working with retained search clients as a search professional. As a pioneer of Interview4 he has great knowledge of video interviewing. He writes about all things hiring and looks forward to engaging with his audience on topics of leadership, recruiting, candidate screening, and employee satisfaction. Follow him on Twitter: @hireintelligent and @cullison1

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