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Interviewing, for many, is the most challenging part of getting a job. With Interview4.ME it doesn't have to be. Interview4.ME records you on webcam video so that you can practice, review and improve your interviewing skills. You can also create your own personal Video Introduction to share with employers.

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With your webcam and the Interview4.ME practice portal you can create two different types of videos:

Interview4.ME Practice Interviews

  • Record and review your video responses to the 5 most popular interview questions.
  • Record and re-record your answer to each question, one at a time.
  • Stop the interview at any point, and resume when you log back in.
  • Share the interview (all or just some questions) with reviewers and even employers.
  • Track who you shared the interview with and how often it was opened.
  • Delete your recorded interview and start over. (Free version allows just one live practice interview.)

Interview4.ME Video Introductions

  • Record and review your 60-second video introduction.
  • Share the video introduction with your personally selected reviewers, recruiters or even employers.
  • Share your introduction on your resumes and your social networks.
  • Download and print Intro Cards to handout to employers at job fairs.
  • Track who you share the introduction with and how often it is opened.
  • Delete your recorded introduction and start over. (Free version allows just one live Video Introduction.)

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“I never realized how much I rambled on and on in job interviews or said ‘umm’ over and over until I started using Interview4.ME. Now my answers are more concise and confident. I now receive many more call backs for follow-up interviews.”

Andrew Templeton
Baltimore, MD

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