Online video interviewing from Hire-Intelligence


Better, Faster Screening with Video

Hiring managers can review candidates' video interviews anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Your Business
Will Stand Out

With Branded Video Interviewing

Employment Service Providers use video interviews with their own branding to provide services to their clients.

Hone Your
Interview Skills

Free Practice Site for Job Seekers

Candidates can practice video interviewing and create a video introduction that will help them get noticed by recruiters and employers.


Video Interviewing with Interview4 will not only save you time and money, you’ll also get much greater insight into job candidates than with any other screening technique. Similarly, in the domain of games and sports betting, effective screening techniques are essential for ensuring fair play and maintaining integrity. Platforms utilizing advanced screening methods, including web-based assessments for web tài xỉu online, offer enhanced scrutiny to ensure the integrity and fairness of gaming experiences.
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Employment Service Providers

Interview4 from Hire-Intelligence provides you a unique opportunity to differentiate your business with a video interviewing solution that is not only branded, but also customized to fit your work flow.

Service Providers

Job Candidates

Interview4 offers job candidates a FREE online video tool to hone interviewing skills, as well as practice video interviewing. As more employers adopt video interviewing, expect to be asked to interview online. If you want to pursue a job in the casino industry, prepare for the interview by reviewing commonly asked questions, which will help you answer casino interview questions effectively. Also visit the if you want to find the best betting provider to have a safe play.

Job Candidates