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For many, interviewing is the most challenging part of getting a job, and in this job market actually landing the interview can be even more challenging. With Interview4.ME it doesn’t have to be. Sharpen your interviewing skills with Interview4 practice video interviews and get your foot in the door with a personal Interview4 video introduction!

Use Interview4.ME as Your Own Free Personal Interviewing Prep Platform

Interview4.ME records Practice Interviews on webcam video so that you can review and improve your interviewing skills. You can redo and retake the Practice Interview as many times as you like. When you are happy with your delivery, you’ll have a recorded video that you can refer back to or even share with others for their review and advice.

Don’t worry, no one will ever see your video unless you want them to! The result? You’ll look and sound better in your in-person or online video interviews!

Use Interview4.ME Video Introductions to Land the Interview!

Get networking! The Interview4.ME 60-second Video Introduction helps you craft a powerful “elevator speech” to quickly present yourself.  Once you have a great video introduction, share it and get yourself noticed by decision makers. You can choose to:

  • Share it with trusted contacts for review and critique
  • Include a link to it on your paper and virtual resumes
  • Send it to Recruiters and Employers
  • Share it on your Social Networks including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Interview4.ME video is a great way to get noticed. With millions of people looking for work, separate yourself from the masses. Everyone can send in their resume but not everyone will be savvy enough to present themselves on video. Be a part of the elite few who go the extra mile. You will be noticed!

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