Online video interviewing from Hire-Intelligence

Interview4 Video Interviewing Software for Employers

Video interviewing closes the gap between the resume and the real applicant.

Interview4 allows you to actually see the candidates as they answer your questions.

Interview4 virtual and live video interviews are designed to be easy to use, reducing the amount of time and money you’ll spend on hiring, while improving the hiring outcome.

Only Interview4 from Hire-Intelligence offers three different types of online, recorded video interviews: One-Way Virtual Interviews, One-Way Virtual Showcase, and Two-Way Live Interviews. Learn more about Interview4 virtual interview types, and see examples.

By adding Interview4 video job interviews to your hiring process, you’ll be able to make more insightful and informed decisions about candidates before including them in the final interview stage. We’ll work with you to seamlessly integrate Interview4 video interviewing software into your hiring process. The site can be branded and edited to carry your message., a site where job seekers can practice video interviewing for free.

Want to Help Job Candidates and Reinforce Your Brand? Consider deploying our Interview4.ME web-based application that allows job candidates to practice and hone their interview skills.

Interview4.ME was designed as a companion to our Interview4 video interviewing software, offering job seekers a chance to practice video interviewing.  Interview4.ME, like Interview4, can be branded, customized and integrated to operate along with Interview4 video interviewing.

You can check it out at www.Interview4.ME.  Ask us how you can use it to deliver greater value and enhance your brand identity!