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How Can Interview4 Help With
The Challenges of Hiring?

Hiring is stressful. See if this scenario looks familiar to you.

You need to make the hire, to get someone, anyone, to fill the position. You pick the best looking resumes, call the candidates, and schedule a phone interview. You have blocked out 4 hours of your day for phone interviews, and none of them knock your socks off. You would like to get a look at more candidates, but you don’t really have another day you can spend on phone screening. You bring in four candidates who were the best of the phone interviews for face-to-face interviews. You block out another six hours over eight days for the interviews. One candidate calls to say they’ve taken another job. One more walks through the door and you know within 10 minutes that this isn’t going to be a fit. The other two candidates are OK, but you have this nagging feeling that there has to be better out there. But the clock is ticking, the boss is impatient and you have to hire somebody, so you make an offer. You did it, you made the hire! In 3 months you are hiring again, for the same position. Unfortunately your instinct was right, and that last hire didn’t work out.

If this has ever happened to you, Interview4 can help. Don’t spend time scheduling phone interviews, and don’t limit yourself to a few candidates. Interview4 allows you to review more candidates more quickly and more accurately for two reasons:

  1. Efficiency Using the Virtual 1-way Interview4 option, you don’t have to schedule the screening interview (unless you choose to use the Live 2-way Interview4 option). This means your time commitment is limited to setting up the screening interviews in Interview4 and then reviewing the completed videos. No back and forth trying to schedule a time to get together, and no time spent actually talking to the candidate. It’s no wonder many of our customers come to us just to replace phone screening. The time saved means you can screen more candidates more quickly.
  2. Accuracy The secret to using video screening to improve your hiring is the inherent power of video. Studies have shown that we learn a lot about an individual when we see them on video. The knowledge gained tends to be accurate, and therefore invaluable for evaluating job candidates.

Hiring is a numbers game. If you can move more candidates through your hiring process more quickly, and if you can avoid the false positive candidates who will sap your momentum, the odds are you will end up with a better outcome.

Here’s how it works. First, create a set of screening questions related to the job, working environment or skills. You can create whatever questions you want! Next send an Interview4 invitation to the candidates you would like to review. Once the candidate has completed the virtual interview you get notified by email. Review the candidate at your convenience. The average Interview4 interview only takes 6 minutes to watch. The best part is that you can watch it anywhere you have a computer and an Internet connection.

To make video screening even more efficient, Interview4 can be integrated with your applicant tracking system. In addition, the Interview4 software can be customized to be compatible to your hiring process. It can even be custom branded to meet your needs.

Find out how much time and money you can save by visiting our Video Interviewing Cost Savings Calculator.