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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interview4?
Interview4 is a web-based job candidate management and video interviewing tool.

What can I do with Interview4?
With Interview4 you can quickly and easily keep track of your job candidates. You can set-up and administer both live and virtual Interview4 video interviews. You can do all this from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

What do you mean by “live and virtual Interview4 video interviews”?
A “live” Interview4 interview is just that. You and the candidate connect in real time over the Internet so that you can conduct a live interview. The interview is recorded for later review. A “virtual” interview, on the other hand, is one where the candidate interviews themself. They receive an invitation from you with a login. They login to the Interview4 system at their convenience and, using a webcam, answer questions you have pre-selected. The virtual interview, like the live interview, is recorded. You can review a candidate’s interviews at any time from the Interview4 site.

What is the difference between and Interview4.ME? is designed to help employers and employment service providers find better candidates by using video. Interview4.ME was designed to allow job candidates to practice interviewing and send sample interviews with their resume and job application. The combination of both services offers tremendous opportunity for job candidates, employers and employment service providers to get the right person into the right job.

Do I need training?
The Interview4 system is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Nevertheless, we will provide live web-based training to all of your users. We also provide free telephone support during business hours.

Are there any legal issues with using video interviewing?
According to the EEOC, “Under Title VII, it is not illegal for an employer to learn the race, gender or ethnicity of an individual prior to an interview. Of course, Title VII requires that all individuals be provided equal, nondiscriminatory treatment throughout the hiring process. If an employer representative observes a job seeker in a video clip, and either learns or surmises the person’s gender, race, or ethnicity, such knowledge could increase the risk of discrimination or the appearance of discrimination. Employers need to take care in training hiring officials and human resources staff about the appropriate responses when gender, race, or ethnicity are disclosed during recruitment. Video clips might be analogized to information on a resume that clearly tells an individual’s race, such as, “President, Black Law Students Association.” In this situation, as with the video clip, the employer needs to focus on the person’s qualifications for the job.”

Our virtual interview tool actually eliminates interviewer bias, by subjecting all candidates to the same process and set of questions. Clearly the process is equal and non-discriminating in the way it treats individual candidates, as required by law and as with the Live interviewing tool, provides a record of all video interviews.

What if I like the idea of video interviewing but don’t want to “do it myself”?
Interview4 was created for customers who want to do a better job of candidate management and interviewing. For organizations that prefer a “full service” solution, our consultants are happy to discuss your needs and provide a proposal. Please contact Hire-Intelligence at 800-385-1993 or via email at [email protected].

What is a “Virtual Showcase”?
There are two virtual interview options available in Interview4. In both cases the job candidates interview themselves with a webcam, answering questions presented on-screen. The “Virtual Interview” the candidate sees the questions for the first time during the online interview and they have one opportunity to answer them. The “Virtual Showcase” gives the candidates the questions in advance, and then allows them to redo their answers until they are satisfied with the resulting video.