Online video interviewing from Hire-Intelligence

Interview4 Top 10 Reasons

  1. Lower Turnover Our research and our customers’ results prove that Interview4 video interviewing can lower turnover.
  2. Customized Solutions Tailored to Your Business Interview4 video interviewing features can be easily customized to fit your hiring process. This included integration with your ATS.
  3. Extraordinary Candidate Insight Interview4 video interviews deliver all the proven insight video can deliver.  There is no better way to screen job candidates.
  4. Saves Time and Money Virtual one-way video interviewing with Interview4 eliminates phone-screen scheduling conflicts so you can focus on your core responsibilities. Live 2-way video interviews save time and money on scheduling and on travel costs.
  5. Easy to Review and Compare Candidates Recorded virtual and live video interviews allow you to efficiently share, evaluate and compare completed candidate interviews. Collaboration on candidate selection is enhanced.
  6. Expand Your Hiring Pool Evaluate more candidates in a shorter amount of time. Recruit and video interview top talent without geographic constraint.
  7. Ensures Consistently Structured Interviews Customize the Interview4 video interview questions and email templates to fit the job.  Once the interview question set has been created, it then ensures consistent, comparable results.
  8. Extensive Corporate Branding There are a number of ways we can extend your brand image and messaging through Interview4 video interviews to your users and candidates, as well as to those with whom you share the recorded video interviews.
  9. Candidate and Employee Video Interview Archive We store your candidates’ video interviews for the duration of your account or as long as required by law. You can always come back and review a candidate interview later, or send it to someone else for review and consideration.
  10. Backed by More Than 20 Years of Video Interviewing & 15 Years of technology Experience Our founder began using Video Interviews in his retained search practice in the late 1980s. We are no longer in the candidate search business but we still benefit from that experience. Operating as a dedicated HR Technology company since 2006, the Hire-Intelligence team creates productivity tools for hiring. Interview4 video interveiws are the result of our intimate understanding of the need for and use of video in hiring. We get it better than anyone – we even have a video studio at our headquarters.
  11. Bonus Reason to Use Interview4 Video Interviewing  Go Green to support the environment where you can with less travel and paper consumption!