Creating a positive job candidate experience with Interview4 video interviewing

The team at Interview4 is dedicated to helping every job candidate find a job where they can fit in and be successful. We have seen that video can be a great way to present yourself to a potential employer. Video gives you a chance to connect in ways just not possible in writing or over the phone.

We work hard to make the Interview4 system easy to use. Listen to what a recent job candidate has to say about using Interview4.

While webcams are fast becoming standard equipment, using one to record a video of yourself as part of the job search process may be daunting for some individuals. For that reason, we have included a video that can help you use video interviewing as a powerful tool in your job search. You can see this video to the right..

Introductory video about the job and the employer

We also have built into Interview4 the capability for the employer to present a video introducing their organization and the job to the candidates. Video is a great way for a job candidate to learn about the job and about their potential employer. An example of an introductory video that was actually created using Interview4 can be viewed below.