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Why choose online video interviewing with JobBud?

Well, to increase your number of placements and to increase your billing revenue of course!

Revolutionise your interview process and close the gap between the CV and the person who shows up for the face-to-face interview with JobBud's recorded online video interview service - the only such service offered in Wales!

Whether it’s a Virtual 1-way interview, or a Live 2-way interview, see the candidates as they answer your questions over video! The service is designed to be easy to use, slash time and recruiting costs, and exponentially improve the over-all recruitment outcome. Companies that use video interviews find an increase in employee productivity and also their P&L;!

By adding this service through JobBud, you’ll be able to make more insightful and informed decisions about candidates before including them in the final interview stage.

Recognise Greate Candidates Sooner While Saving Time
and Money with Online Candidate Video Interviewing

Cost Savings Calculator

Save TimeNowWith VideoSavings
Video screening can reduce time to hire by 30% or more. Days-To-Fill    
Man Hours Per Hire    
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Hires Per Year    
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Save TravelNowWith VideoSavings
Video screening can reduce your travel expenses by 80%.
Travel Expense per Candidate    
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Reduce TurnoverNowWith VideoSavings
Video screening can reduce turnover by 20% or more.
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  • Real Candidate Interviews, Not Rehearsed Showcases

    Candidates do not get a copy of the questions in advance, and they don’t have time to rehearse the perfect answer. You get a much better feel for the candidate’s personality, style and likeability for the job.

  • Live and Virtual Interviewing

    Screen your candidates with recorded Virtual interviews, then follow up with Live video interviews. Live interviews can be recorded or not. If you choose to record the live interview, you can set a chapter marker as you ask each question.

  • Waste Less Time Scheduling

    Don't waste time trying to work out scheduling. The candidate can complete the Virtual one-way interview online, at their own convenience, on their own time. You then review the recorded interview at your convenience. Share that interview with colleagues associated with the job opening via a secure video link and collaborate more efficiently than ever before. If you conduct a recorded Live 2-way interview you can also share the video link with colleagues as well!

  • More than twenty years of Video Interviewing experience

    Our video interviewing software partner, Hire-Intelligence, creates proprietary web-based HR and Recruiting productivity tools. Their founder began using Video Interviews in retained search in the late 1980s. At that time, they recorded to VHS and showed the videos to clients in person. They understand the use of Video in hiring better than anyone.

  • Ready for the Enterprise

    The multi-user hierarchical permissions system allows enterprise clients to have as many users as needed. Each user is only given access to what they need to complete their job.

  • Keep a Record of Every Candidate You Interview

    Your candidate videos are securely stored in the Cloud for the duration of your account. You can always come back and review an interview later, or send it to someone else to review.

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