About Interview4 Online Video Interviewing

Easily screen job candidates with custom online interviews using Interview4!

Interview4™ is a proprietary platform that offers Human Resources Managers and Search Professionals the tools to easily manage video interviewing and screening.

Interview4 Virtual 1-way interviews allow the candidate to answer pre-determined questions online using a computer and webcam. The candidate's responses are recorded and uploaded to our secure video servers for later review by the hiring manager.

Interview4 Live 2-way interviews create a "real" interview environment over the web. Interviewer and candidate see each other as the interview is conducted. The interview is recorded with questions bookmarked for later search and review.

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What Interview4 users are saying...

“Interview4 is an excellent piece of software... It’s innovative and time saving, and as a recruiting officer, has made my job so much easier.”

Louise Penketh, Human Resources
Urban Lux

"The Interview4s were wonderful in that they saved time and resources during the selection process. The Interview4s also allowed me the opportunity to see which candidates were truly interested in the position and had the communication skills that our organization was seeking."

Heidi Majors, Executive Director
YWCA of High Point

"I was able to see and hear the candidate answer a battery of questions that gave me the information I needed in order to offer final interviews."

Jenny Stokes, Director of Marketing & Communications, United Way

About Hire-Intelligence

Hire-Intelligence (H-I) is a human resources technology company that creates online productivity tools to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment and hiring process. The founders of Hire-Intelligence have over 20 years of experience in the human capital management world. This knowledge of the human resources and recruitment landscape informs all of the hiring tools we offer and continue to create. The Hire-Intelligence portfolio currently includes the Hire-Intelligence AT (Adaptive Behavioral Assessment), Hire-Intelligence CTS (Communications & Skills Test Suite) and Interview4 by Hire-Intelligence (Video Recruitment and Interviewing Application). Three additional and complementary hiring solutions will be introduced to the market this winter. Hire-Intelligence has home offices in Virginia and New York and services all categories of clients both in the United States and abroad.

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