Only Interview4 from Hire-Intelligence offers you three different types of online video interviews.

Virtual One-Way Interview

The Interview4 one-way virtual interview is a terrific way to screen job candidates. Unlike phone screens, there are none of the scheduling and connection hassles. The interview is recorded and can be easily shared with colleagues. Candidates don't see the questions until they have to answer them.

Virtual One-Way Showcase

If you really want your candidates to shine by giving them the questions in advance and allowing them to redo their answers, then setup a Virtual Showcase. In every other regard it works just like the Virtual Interview.

Live Two Way

It's like Skype on steroids. The Interview4 Live Interview allows the interviewer to connect directly to the candidate and conduct a free form interview. Unlike Skype, Interview4 will record the interview, and even allows the interviewer to set question markers so that later the interview is organized and easy to review.