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How Can Interview4 Video Interviews Help You Help Your Clients?

Interview4 offers three recorded video interviewing solutions. Along with our live 2-way video interview we offer two types of virtual 1-way interviews.

The first virtual interview is much like a real interview. The candidates log in, see each question one by one, and have a set amount of time to answer each question. No preview of the questions, no chance for a do over of their answer.

The second type of virtual interview allows the candidate to see the questions in advance. And then when they log in they can review and redo their recorded answers until they are satisfied with the outcome. We call this our Showcase virtual interview.

You decide which interview to apply to each engagement.

Brand and Enhance:  In addition to helping you screen candidates faster and provide a great way to present candidates to your clients, Interview4 helps enhance your product offering and set yourself apart from your competitors by delivering a targeted, cutting edge hiring solution.  The ability to brand and email candidate interviews with your corporate logo promotes your company and the value you provide.

Efficiency and Accuracy: Using Interview4 video interviewing for your clients can help them save time and make more informed hiring decisions by reviewing, sharing and comparing recorded candidate interviews.  They can now meet only with the candidates in whom they have great interest.  Additionally, video interviewing can provide a structured interview solution.

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