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How Can Interview4 Video Interviews Help You And Your Clients?

Placing qualified candidates is not always easy, especially when the hiring manager has strict job requirements.  Does the following scenario ring true with you?

You have examined your personal database, scoured the job boards including LinkedIn, and have reached out to all your contacts within the industry asking for referrals.  After several weeks of hard work you have assembled a healthy pool of qualified candidates.  Unfortunately the hiring manager rejects them all because your candidates fail to meet every one of the hiring manager’s necessary and even preferred qualifications.  Your candidates are more than capable and you are convinced at least two of them will fit in beautifully with the hiring company’s corporate culture.  No matter how much discussion takes place, your arguments fail to convince the hiring manager.  Now you are back to the barrel trying to scrape up new candidates knowing that good candidates got away.

Sound familiar? Search professionals have encountered and solved this very problem with Interview4. By reviewing a candidate’s video interview, the hiring manager often times will bring the rejected candidate in for a face-to-face after recognizing the candidate’s enthusiasm and potential cultural fit.

Brand and Enhance:  In addition to helping you screen in more candidates, Interview4 helps enhance your product offering and set yourself apart from your competitors by delivering a targeted, cutting edge hiring solution.  The ability to brand and email candidate interviews with your corporate logo promotes your company and the value you provide.

Efficiency and Accuracy: Using Interview4 video interviewing for your clients can help them save time and make more informed hiring decisions by reviewing, sharing and comparing recorded candidate interviews.  They can now meet only with the candidates in whom they have great interest.  Additionally, video interviewing can provide a structured interview solution.