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Why Empathy Needs to Make a Comeback!

A recent study of 15,000 leaders from 300+ organizations across eighteen countries by Development Dimensions International revealed that the conversational skill that has the highest impact on overall performance was empathy.  Empathy however is in decline according to Richard Wellins, one of the authors of DDI’s report.  He pointed to a University of Michigan study […]

Bosses Aren’t Destined To Be Jerks, Jerks Are Destined To Be Bosses

Not everyone likes to be a subordinate and take orders but we are more willing to take orders from some leaders than from others.  Some bosses despite our open mindedness and willingness to give one  hundred percent, still behave as plain ole jerks.  Jerk bosses are popularized and made notorious by the media through Leona […]

Motivating Employees: The Lessons We Learn from Flappy Bird

If you have no children you probably know little about Flappy Bird, a supposedly insanely addictive app available for mobile devices which was removed from Google Play and iTunes in February by the developer.  At the time of its removal the app had been downloaded at least fifty million times and was generating an estimated […]

A List Not About Leadership but About Leadership Lists

If you’re a frequent blogger you know that coming up with original material is not always easy.  If you are a Tweeter, finding content about which to Tweet every 30 minutes is not so simple either.  So as you scour the web I’m sure you’ve encountered a few subjects that have been done to death. […]

The Definition of Insanity

The definition of insanity, according to some, id doing the same thing you have always done and expecting a different result. A post over at The HR Capitalist titled “But Kris, That’s the Way We’ve Always Done It!” deals with just such a situation in a real work environment. Teams, just like individuals, get stuck […]

Don’t Confuse Effort With Results - Part 3 - Rethink

Last time I wrote about using your desired result in combination with your time table to help define your methodology. By now you should be well on your way to completing your project successfully. Being on your way isn’t the same as arriving and that is why I am writing this third and final post […]

Don’t Confuse Effort With Results - Part 2 - Methods

In my last post I discussed goal setting which is the first step on the path to success. I mentioned that goals have to be measurable and have a time table associated with them. This week I am going to discuss the reason behind the time table requirement. Once you know what your project needs […]

Don’t Confuse Effort With Results! - Part 1 - Goals

For whatever reason when I am working on a project that is not succeeding my first thought is that I am not working hard enough. Hard work is a requirement for success, there is no doubt about it. Our culture is loaded with proverbs extolling the value of hard work ie. “the early bird gets […]