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Video Interviewing Just Kicked Sand in Phone Screening’s Face

I have a recruiting and executive search background and for me screening candidates prior to sending them on to my clients is very important.  Now, I understand many search individuals don’t want to use any tools that might screen out their candidates but I believe my success thrives on providing a service that delivers exceptional […]

5 Bad Reasons to Avoid Video Interviewing

Many of you have heard of video interviewing, some of you have tried it and others have stuck their nose up at it as a passing fad.  Whether video interviewing is the next lava lamp or the next TV time will tell but surveys show that right now video interviewing usage is on the rise […]

10 Interviewing Tips for Gen. Y and Millenials

As a search consultant and video interview pioneer, I see a lot of interviews.  So if you’re looking to nail your next job interview, here is my advice to you. Show up on time – Prior to the interview, map out the interview location, determine how long it will take to get there and cushion in […]

Accommodating or Assertive? You Aren’t Prepared for this Question!

Over the years we’ve had thousands of job candidates complete our Hire-IntelligenceAT behavioral assessment.  Though many have passed through our portal we are always interested in which behavioral questions will pop up in the candidate’s interview guide produced by the system after the candidate completes the AT. “When you have a customer convinced how do […]

Video Interviewing: Forget the Other Tips! Here’s the One You Really Need!

Last week I sat in a conference room with a search client presenting video interviews of four job candidates to my client’s President, CIO and VP of Human Resources.  All four candidates had taken an automated video interview during the preceding days and I sat poised to save my client’s time by breezing through the […]