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Got a Job Interview? Here is the One Thing - Many Things You Need to Know!

I love lists.  I even wrote a post recently about lists.  But lists are often flawed and don’t always apply to all of us which is probably why so many lists giving you tips on how to do this or that are written each week.

This post is for you the job seeker as I seek to provide you with what other professionals consider are the most important tips for your upcoming job interview.

David Kerpen, CEO, says this is the 1 Thing You Must Do in Every Job Interview.

If you believe that “asking great questions” is the one thing you must do then read no more of my post.  You have all you need.  However keep reading if you believe someone else just may have something to offer.

Allison Green says these are the Most Important Things You Need to Know for Your Job Interview.  Not surprisingly she lists more than one thing and “ask great questions” is not one of them.  So if you take Allison’s six tips and add Dave’s one tip you have only seven things you need to know unless of course you want to keep reading my post to find out if there are more.

Alison Doyle from lists her own Top 10 Job Interview Tips.  I think a few of Green’s and Doyle’s tips may overlap but Doyle definitely adds more meat here. Not only that, but her tenth tip is actually a link to even MORE job interview tips.  Oh Alison you sly and crafty woman, you!

Monster gets in on the act with their 10 Interviewing Rules.  These aren’t mere tips but actual rules so if you violate them in any way you could be subject to….well absolutely nothing will happen to you other than not getting the job?

Here’s an interesting list (that says pretty much the same thing as all the others) from an etiquette professional.  It is called, “The Top 10 Tips from an Etiquette Professional.”

Heck I write so much that I forgot that I had already written a post on the subject.  10 Interviewing Tips for Gen Y and Millenials.  Please ignore the folly in my title as I have since learned that Gen Y and Millenials are the same thing.  In my feeble attempt to entertain I added an 11th bonus tip!  Ooooooohhhh!  Also you’ll see that I kept with the common theme of listing 10 tips which I suppose makes me pretty boring.

Ahhh here we go!  Career expert Don Goodman narrows his list down to the 3 Most Important Things to Do in a Job Interview.  I guess Don you think you are cooler than me for listing only three things while I list 10, is that it?  Well, guess what, David Kerpen, CEO, narrowed his list down to only one thing!  Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

All kidding aside, the interview is the most important part of the hiring process.  Your resume gets your foot in the door but your energy, charisma and appearance get you the job.  More and more employers are increasingly hiring candidates for cultural fit over skills.  The way you dress, shake hands, and even how you sit in your chair tells a story about you.  Though I make fun, the tips/rules provided in the posts above are from individuals generally considered to be very knowledgeable in the world of job seeking.  You would do well to take the time to read at least one or two of these.

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