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Video Interviewing’s Hidden Benefit: Destroying Prejudices

I will skip over the standard praise for video interviewing (faster, cheaper, more revealing) that dominates the majority of the posts about the subject and get right into a secret power video interviewing has that is beneficial to both employers and candidates.  Video interviewing can destroy our preconceived notions of a job candidate and that’s […]

Content Overload: Are We Really Providing Value?

Take all the data created from the beginning of man, every scroll, painting, book and scrap of music, up until 2003, digitize it, and you would have around 5 exabytes of data.  Five exabytes equals five billion gigabytes!  That’s really a lot of data!  Amazing though that may seem, even more surprising is the fact […]

Infographic: Challenges of Today’s Hiring Process

With so many available applicants per every open position, how companies are having trouble filling open roles might seem bewildering.  The infographic below shows the obstacles plaguing both job candidates and hiring managers in today’s hiring process.

Top Reasons your Social Profile could be Hurting You!

Social Media Monitoring Server, Reppler, conducted a study recently and found that 91% of recruiters and hiring managers have visited a candidate’s social profile on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter as part of the screening process.  This figure is much higher than I suspected and it demonstrates the due diligence many recruiters are using in trying […]

Online criticism from your employees? What do you do?

Recently the National Labor Relations Board filed a complaint against Hispanics United of Buffalo after they fired five employees who publicly aired their grievances about Hispanics United’s working conditions.  The incident started when an employee stated on their Facebook page that other employees did not do enough to help the nonprofit organization’s clients.  This prompted […]

How to recruit with Social Media

Recently I attended a very cool webinar and virtual expo held by the American Marketing Association. The agenda of the seminars focused mainly on successful means to market your brand and remain in touch with your customers through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. While I admit to having both a Facebook and […]