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How to Scientifically Evaluate A Video Interview

Much has been discussed lately about automated video interviewing and its quiver of benefits designed to improve the hiring experience for both the recruiter and job candidate.  Video interviews, as some studies suggest, reduce time-to-fill, cost-per-hire and improve hiring manager satisfaction.  However, as with phone screens or the face-to-face interview, the virtual interview process can […]

The Dark Side Of Positive Candidate Attributes

What, if anything, could a hiring manager say negatively about a job candidate that was exceptionally achieving? How about a candidate exhibiting high levels of conscientiousness or sociability?  Surely no objections could be made about a cooperative or accommodating candidate! In their quest to find culturally fitting job candidates, recruiters and hiring managers often yield […]

Brave Enough To Admit the Worst Thing You Have Ever Done At Work?

I can’t recall anything monumentally wrong I have ever done at work.  I can recall at least one time that I accidentally emailed personal insight about a job candidate intended for the hiring manager’s eyes only instead to the candidate.  I was a little embarrassed when I saw the candidate’s confused reply unexpectedly pop in […]

“Cultural Fit” Hiring in Only 5 Minutes?

An international study by Cubiks of more than 500 organizations showed that 82% felt cultural fit was an important measure in the hiring process.  Additionally, 59% reported they rejected a candidate based on the lack of cultural fit, and seventy-five percent of the respondents believed cultural fit was a good predictor of success.  Sounds like […]

“Achieving” has an Evil Twin Brother!

Who likes soap operas, science fiction and superheroes?  That’s right, this guy!  Perhaps one of the most ludicrous and unintentionally funny aspects of any of these genres is the evil twin story line.  Not just that the hero unexpectedly has an evil twin but what makes the evil twin really absurd is the presence of […]

Who’s responsible for Job Fit, the Job Candidate or the Company?

Recently I read a post entitled “What Do You Get from a Job besides a Paycheck?” which discussed various questions a candidate should consider before taking a job.  Here’s a quick list of the author’s suggested considerations.        Does this role provide the opportunity to develop my career?       Are the company’s values and philosophy in line […]

Your employees are leaving, and it might be your leader’s fault!

According to the 2011 Talent Survey by Aon Hewitt, 61% of more than 1,300 business professionals surveyed anticipate an increased focus on talent development in the coming year.  Forty percent believe there will be an increased focus on hiring, and one-third predict increased turnover.  These numbers aren’t hard to understand in light of the attitudes […]

Why do 46% of hires fail within the first 18 months?

The answer to the question above could save your organization a good deal of money in employee turnover costs. As reported in HR Executive magazine, Leadership IQ concluded a three year study of more than 5,200 hiring managers from 312 public and private organizations.  During this period the managers hired over 20,000 employees.  The results showed […]

Bad hire? Stop blaming HR!

I recently read a great article called, “10 Ways to fix a broken Corporate Recruiting System.”  Point number six suggests that the person with responsibility over the hiring process should be the Hiring Manager not Human Resources.  Each year companies look for ways to improve employee retention by promoting cultural fit through the use of […]