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Video Interviewing: A Simple Guide to Everything You Need to Know

As a recruiter, hiring manager or job seeker, you need to have a strong grasp of video interviewing.  The hiring technology, perhaps once considered a fad or novelty a few years ago, has grown roots and is increasingly used by organizations to reduce their cost-per-hire and time-to-fill.  Below are six blog posts that will answer […]

5 Reasons You’ve Been Asked to Complete A Video Interview

Recently, after applying to a job, you may have been surprised to receive an email requesting that you complete a video interview.  A bit bewildered, you follow the instructions, log in, and discover that your webcam and not another person, will be interviewing you online!  As a video interviewing provider, we occasionally receive calls from […]

6 Reasons Why Your Job Candidates Are Not Completing Their Video Interviews

As a video interviewing provider, we see video interviewing completion rates at all levels among our customers.  For some customers we may see completion rates as low as fifty percent while others experience  exceptional completion rates that exceed ninety percent.   We often see varying rates of completion among different recruiters hiring for the same job […]

Small & Large Companies Enjoy Affordable Video Interviewing Prices!

In 2016 expect employers to continue researching the benefits of video interviewing as they seek to make their hiring process both more efficient and affordable.  The many benefits of video interviewing include: Reduced time to fill Reduced cost per hire Increased hiring manager satisfaction Reduced scheduling hassles Interview4 offers very flexible pricing so employers big or small […]

Some Corporate Cultures Are Just Plain Gaudy!

Somehow I missed seeing this one coming.  Maybe I’m just not spending enough time at the mall, but apparently shoppers are fighting over outrageously gaudy Christmas sweaters. So what does that have to do with corporate culture?  Well, when it comes to Southwest Airlines it seems to fit right in.  A recent story on National […]

5 Reasons to Hate Video Interviewing (and 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t)

I am drawing upon the negative comments and questions I have received over the last year at conventions and online to present to you five reasons why people dislike video interviewing. Reason #1 – Video interviewing is discriminatory.  My managers will more likely discriminate against candidates earlier in the interviewing process. To my knowledge no […]

Video Interviewing for Business: How Does it Work?

You’ve probably heard all about video interviewing in the last few months and have maybe even researched the various benefits but logistically you still don’t understand exactly how it works?  Here’s what you need to know from the moment you or your recruiter find a good candidate. Most video interviewing vendors provide you with a […]

4 Reasons Why Job Candidates Should be All Over Video Interviewing

Many job candidates have as little time to submit resumes and participate in interviews as hiring managers have time to review resumes and conduct interviews.  The hiring process, arguably the most important component of sustaining the growth and life cycle of a company, is challenging both for the candidate and the employer.  I’ve spoken in-depth […]

Need a Job? Introduce Yourself!

According to the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, 40% of all jobs that get filled go unadvertised but instead are filled through networking.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, when you take this 40% and then also include the percentage of jobs filled by candidates already known to the employer, this percentage […]

Learn to Answer Common Interview Questions

Mike Summers, from The HR Group, discusses the best strategies for answering the 5 most commonly asked interview questions. Find out what employers really want to know when they ask these interview questions. You are sure to have to answer at least one of these every time you interview. Now that you know how to […]